AnyList for Android Feature Status

AnyList for Android is now available as a public beta. You can get it on Google Play. As a beta, it is a work in progress. While most of the core functionality of AnyList is available, there are still some features from our iOS app that are not yet available on Android. See below for a list of the features that are available in the current beta release.

Available Features

  • Create Lists
  • Share Lists
  • Add, Edit, Remove, and Reorder List Items
  • List Item Autocomplete
  • Favorite Items
  • Recent Items
  • Add, Edit, Remove, and Reorder Categories
  • Display Item Photos
  • Rename Lists
  • Stores & Filters
  • Add Camera Roll Photos to List Items & Recipes
  • View, Edit, and Create Recipes
  • Create & Edit Recipe Collections
  • Import Recipes from the Web
  • Meal Planning Calendar (Calendar View)
  • Set or Change List Passcode Lock
  • View List Folders
  • Move / Copy Items Between Lists
  • Email, Print, & Text Lists
  • Email & Print Recipes
  • Email & Print Meal Planning Calendar
  • Alexa List Management

Not Yet Available

  • Web Photo Search for List Items & Recipes
  • Bulk Paste List Items
  • Starter Lists
  • List Themes
  • Clickable Links in Item Notes
  • Item Prices
  • Location-Based Reminders
  • Create & Edit List Folders
  • Items Remaining Badge Count
  • Meal Planning Calendar (List View)
  • Move & Copy Meal Planning Calendar Entries
  • Purchase AnyList Complete

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