Quickly Create Organized Lists

AnyList suggests common grocery items as you type, and your items are automatically grouped into categories like Dairy, Produce, and Meat to make your trip through the store a breeze. Simply tap on an item to cross it off with a satisfying red strikethrough.

Create as many lists as you’d like to organize by store or occasion. In addition to shopping lists, you can create task lists, packing lists, or any custom list you’d like.

Share Lists with Family & Friends

Stay in sync with family and friends by sharing a list with them. Any changes made to a shared list will show up instantly to everyone sharing the list.

Lists can be shared with as many people as you’d like. Optional push notifications let you know when a shared list has been modified.

Sharing occurs on a list by list basis, so you can keep some lists private, like a gift idea list.

Use Favorites to Build a “Master List”

Want to build a list of the items you frequently purchase, to help jog your memory before heading to the store? AnyList allows you to mark items that you use often as Favorites. Then, you can bring up the list of your Favorites and simply tap on the items you need to add them to your current shopping list.

Customize Grocery Categories to Match Your Local Store

Want to reorder the grocery categories in AnyList to match your local store layout? Need to add your own custom categories? AnyList gives you the flexibility to arrange and modify list categories to suit your needs. You can move the Produce category to the top of the list and the Frozen Foods category to the bottom, for example.

Browse Recently Used Items to Build Your List

AnyList allows you to view recently crossed off and deleted items and easily add those items back to your current list. Looking for an item that you purchased a couple of weeks ago? Need to jog your memory of what you might need to pick up at the store? Just tap the clock icon at the bottom of a list to view Recent Items.

Quickly Add Notes & Quantities to List Items

Need to record item quantities, or add notes to an item like the brand, flavor, or availability of a coupon? With AnyList, you can add a quantity and note to each item in a snap. Just tap the pencil icon next to an item to bring up the Item Details screen.

Go Hands-Free With Voice Assistants

Think of something you need from the store while your hands are full prepping dinner, wrangling kids, or washing dishes?

No problem. Just say the word to have Alexa or Siri add items to your list.

Save Time, Shop Online

Shop online for curbside pickup & grocery delivery, right from AnyList. We support many retailers and services, including Instacart, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, Amazon Fresh, H-E-B, and Shipt.

End Confusion at the Store with List Item Photos Complete

Add photos to list items, like a photo of an item’s branded packaging. For shared lists, photos can be viewed by everyone sharing the list, so they know exactly what to buy. You can even quickly find a photo for an item by searching web photos.

Love the photo option. It has really saved a few trips and a few phone calls when I have my mate running shopping errands for me!


Stick to Your Budget by Adding Prices to Items Complete

As you enter prices for items, AnyList displays a running total so you can see how much you’re spending.

Enter prices for multiple stores to find out where you can save money.

Increase Your Shopping Efficiency with Stores and Filters Complete

Keep a single shopping list that includes items from all of the places you shop.

When creating a list, assign items to the stores where you buy them.

When you go to a store, quickly filter your list to show the items for that store.

Use AnyList on Your Wrist with Apple Watch Complete

AnyList for Apple Watch lets you quickly view your lists and cross off items right from your wrist, so you don’t need to worry about pulling out your phone at the store. A watch face complication is provided so that your lists can always be just a tap away.

Personalize the Look of Your Lists with Themes

Choose from a variety of colors to make each list stand out.

Complete AnyList Complete, our optional paid upgrade for AnyList, allows you to apply premium themes to your lists, with custom fonts, textures, and colors.

Organize Your Lists with Folders Complete

Stay organized by creating color coded folders to group related lists and reduce clutter.

Get Reminders When You’re Near the Store Complete

AnyList lets you create location-based reminders so you never forget to check your list when you arrive at a store or other relevant location.

Swiping the reminder on your device’s lock screen opens AnyList directly to the appropriate list.

Protect Lists with Passcode Lock Complete

Protect your lists from casual snooping with a passcode lock. Keep gift ideas a surprise, even if your children use your device.

You can have multiple lists and password protect them (perfect for Christmas). I love that it works across my laptop, my iPad and my iPhone.


Sync Across iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & PC

Access your lists and recipes on all of your mobile devices by downloading the AnyList app and signing in to your AnyList account on each of them. Changes made on one device will show up on all devices that are signed in to your account.

Complete AnyList Complete, our optional paid upgrade for AnyList, lets you use AnyList on your Mac, or on any PC with a modern web browser. Changes made on your computer are instantly synced with your mobile devices.

Go to AnyList for the Web
Download AnyList for Mac

Stay Protected with Cloud Backup

All of your lists and recipes are securely backed up in the cloud as part of your AnyList account. If you get a new device, just sign in to your AnyList account to retrieve your data.

One app for stress-free shopping, cooking, and meal planning.