Create a Meal Plan Complete

Quickly plan your meals for the week by adding recipes to the meal planning calendar.

Eating leftovers or going out to eat for a date night? Add a note to your meal plan as a reminder you won’t be cooking that night.

And when plans change, you can quickly move an entry to another day with a simple drag and drop.

Ready to cook tonight’s dinner? Just open the calendar to today’s date and tap on a recipe to view it.

Easily Generate a Grocery List Complete

Creating a grocery list from your meal plan has never been easier.

Just select a date range and AnyList will automatically show you all of the required ingredients. Tap on just the items you need to add them to your shopping list or add everything in one fell swoop.

Haven’t planned your weekly shopping yet and just need to pick up the ingredients for tonight’s dinner? Open the recipe directly from the meal plan and quickly add its ingredients to your list.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page Complete

Sync your meal plan to an external calendar like Google Calendar to see all your activities, appointments, and meals in one place.

Keep your entire household in sync by sharing recipes and the meal planning calendar, so everyone can contribute to cooking and planning the week’s meals.

You can also email a copy of your meal plan or print it out and stick it on the fridge so no one has to ask, “What’s for dinner?!”

One app for stress-free shopping, cooking, and meal planning.