AnyList is a free download for iOS & Android. Core functionality, like creating and sharing lists, is free to use. We also offer an optional paid upgrade called AnyList Complete, which unlocks premium features and supports continued development of the app.

AnyList Complete easily pays for itself by helping you avoid impulse purchases, cook more meals at home, and prevent food waste.

Explore all the features below to see which plan is right for you:

Free AnyList Complete
Price Individual:
$9.99 / year
$14.99 / year
Stay protected with cloud backup 
Access AnyList on your iOS and Android devices 
Use AnyList on your PC with our web app 
Quickly access AnyList on your Mac with our Mac app 
Friendly and helpful customer support 
Customer support priority 


Free AnyList Complete
Create organized lists for all your needs 
Share lists with family and friends 
Use Favorites to build a “master list” 
Autocomplete suggestions and automatic categorization of common grocery items 
Customize grocery categories to match your local store 
Browse recently used items to build your list 
Quickly add notes and quantities to list items 
Use Siri or Alexa to add items by voice 
Shop online at Walmart, Instacart, Kroger and more 
Copy & paste items into a list 
Email or print your list 
Personalize the look of your lists with basic themes and icons 
View lists on your iOS or Android home screen with widgets 
Show a count of remaining items on the app home screen icon (iOS only) 
End confusion at the store with list item photos 
Increase shopping efficiency with stores and filters 
Stick to your budget by adding prices to items 
View lists on your wrist with Apple Watch 
Organize your lists with folders 
Get premium themes and create your own custom themes 
Get reminders when you’re near a store 
Protect lists with passcode lock 
Exclude lists from the app badge count (iOS only) 


Free AnyList Complete
Collect and organize your recipes
Easily add ingredients to your shopping list 
Automatic combining of similar ingredients into a single item in your list 
Group recipes with custom collections 
Import recipes directly from popular websites  Limit 5 Unlimited
Add recipes via copy & paste 
View full recipe in cooking mode 
Toggle between recipes while you cook 
Share recipes with other household members 
Add photos to your recipes
Quickly scale recipes up or down 

Meal Planning

Free AnyList Complete
Add recipes and notes to your meal planning calendar 
Generate a grocery list from your meal plan 
Sync your meal plan with Google Calendar and other apps 
Share meal plan with other household members 
Email or print your meal plan so everyone stays in the know 
Quickly make bulk edits to your meal plan 

AnyList Complete is just $9.99 / year for an individual or $14.99 / year for a household.

One app for stress-free shopping, cooking, and meal planning.